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August 29, 2014

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Alex Munoz

(BPRW) New Web Series “Griot’s Lament” Honors the King of Pop’s Legacy by Premiering Part II of their Web-Series on Michael Jackson’s Birthday, 8/29/14

(BLACK PR WIRE) – “GRIOT’S LAMENT” applies Michael Jackson’s lyrics to the artist’s ongoing exploration of metamorphosis as a threshold of change, and as medium for identifying political and social injustices. “An innocent eighteen year old black man was killed, and we are that injustice,” sang Michael alongside his sister Janet in the song SCREAM. I use “recontexualization” of these lyrics to revisit the killings of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Mike Brown, and the countless number of innocent youths that have fallen prey to violence in Southwest Chicago.”They don’t care about us” was shouted as a veiled response to the Rodney King beating, but could it have also been a foretelling or foreshadowing of the tragic humanitarian failures incurred during Hurricane Katrina? One violent scene in the film will be staged to replicate the horrific Rodney King beating. The film asks the question, as Michael did repeatedly via his music: How culpable are WE… when society cannot fully function in the realm of justice?The character “Griot” is the conduit for Michael’s often overlooked and under recognized political orientation, a perspective that is often over shadowed by the glow and power of his popular music and larger than life persona. “Griot”, pictured here and played by actor Brandon Hirsch, is a one man Greek chorus; “A broken ear witness to unspeakable crimes.”

To view “Griot’s Lament” webisode 1, visit To view “Griot’s Lament” webisode II, visit

A scene from the film “Griot’s Lament”