Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend an intimate discussion with Hill Harper, Debra Martin Chase, Lisa Jones Johnson and several others, discussing how we can use collaboration and innovation to help motivate young professionals under 40 to create leadership roles within our community.  One of the main goals of this event was to allow the focused topic to prompt listeners to determine what can be done to educate our youth and inspire change to form and support our future leaders.


Each panelist had a chance to discuss their projects and programs for change, which began wirh Debra Martin Chase discussing how she is using imagery as a way to reach youth. Ms. Johnson focused on using the internet to bring forth the Next Generation of news making, while others, like David Chase, talked about access to capital and how initatives like “crop funding” can be used to help develop upcoming programs.


Hill Harper asked three questions:

1) How can we innovate in the areas of Social Entrepreneurship?

2) How do you think outside the box on who you collaborate with (looking outside of your comfort zone)?

3) Where are our everyday leaders?


Hill felt that by answering these questions, we may be able to better determine what needs to happen, not only to create new leadership, but to also develop new relationships.  And that these relationships can be used to further not only our personal goals, but goals that will positively affect our community.


In addition to each panelist getting a chance to discuss their ideas for collaboration and innovation, they also opened up the forum to allow guests to ask questions or present their own ideas and options of what can (or should) be done to reach the goals of creating leadership and/or educating our youth.  Between the panelists and the open forum, many ideas, suggestions and issues where discussed with much passion and motivation.


The M.B.A. Series™ (representing a commitment to support our youth of color and the next generation of global leaders to be motivated brilliant achievers) is putting together these discussions as a way to open dialogue and hopefully allow people to start thinking about developing some of these collaborative efforts.


Not only am I looking forward to the next discussion in this series, but it has also given me the motivation to look at my relationships and what I am doing to encourage a positive movement within my community.


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Cherice Calhoun