As COVID-19 Hits the Black Community Hard, Atlanta Filmmaker Sends Out a Cinematic Warning Shot

LOS ANGELES – After this coronavirus pandemic, life may never get back to normal. And that’s precisely the message Atlanta-based filmmaker Bobby Huntley is trying to make with his “cinematic PSA,” CORONAMAN: STAY HOME, a parody, inspired by Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta’s remake of CANDYMANthat went vial.

bobby huntley HEADSHOTCORONAMAN: STAY HOME cleverly re-imagines the trailer of the horror flick – frame by frame — and shows the consequences of not taking social distancing and the quarantine seriously. Huntley shot the PSA in less than 14 hours in Atlanta, while practicing social distancing and taking other safety precautions mandated.


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In Huntley’s cinematic PSA, starring, Diezie Sahn, the boogey man is the coronavirus, and he warns if you don’t keep yourself safe during the quarantine, the consequence is death. Even the opening credits offer a gentle reminder to “take yo ass home.” Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is one of the first to lift stay-at-home restrictions, drawing criticism from around the country, including mayors within the state, like Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

In fact, in the midst of Georgia’s early re-opening efforts on April 24, 2020, officials reported more than 1,000 deaths related to  coronavirus the SAME day! With legislators at odds with re-opening cities, clearly Huntley is on the side of Team Keisha Lance Bottoms, the highest-ranking governmental official of a predominately Black city. With African Americans dying at a disproportionate rate from COVID-19, Huntley wanted to use his art to make a political statement in an entertaining, but poignant way.

“With CORONAMAN: STAY HOME, I wanted to amplify the call of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ to stay safe and sound,” said Huntley. “During this pandemic, we need to choose safety over our own personal comfort.”



For Huntley, CORONAMAN: STAY HOME was a creative detour from his “day job,” as a director for his latest film, titled CONNECT. Set in Atlanta, the film revolves around a 24-year-old Black man, named Vincent, struggling to live a normal life, but discovers he has a supernatural gift, which he deems a curse. But when a senseless death of another young, Black teen hits the community hard, Vincent may be forced to tap into this secret gift in order to help a grieving mother, much to the chagrin of family members who object to it. CONNECT stars fresh-face actors Bryan Earl and Ashley John.

According to Huntley, the film is an exploration of a classic reluctant hero who is marred by emotional, mental, and psychological limitations that stems from trauma.

Taking a lead from Hollywood, with only two days of production remaining, Huntley shut down production of CONNECT for the safety of his cast and crew. Shot in Atlanta, Huntley hopes to wrap up production in the coming months in time for the film festival circuit.

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ABOUT BOBBY HUNTLEY II | director, producer, writer and editor

Bobby Huntley II is a director, producer, writer and editor who began his journey as a filmmaker at the age of 10. His credits include NANA ROXIE’S REVENGE (2018), LA VIE MAGNIFIQUE DE CHARLIE (2017), and LOUISIANA 1961 (2016). With each new release, his intense passion for the arts and creativity continue to capture audiences. He specializes in striking visuals, provocative characters and period pieces, all produced with a wide range of budgets.

His background as a professional editor not only gained him experience in diversified work environments, but it also allowed him to assess the needs, resources and time commitments for the completion of projects. With each new film, Huntley continues to build his brand and grow support among film enthusiasts and the independent film community by touring the country with his award-winning projects. 


Huntley strives to create compelling stories and classic films to be enjoyed for years and generations to come. His goal is to continue to inspire other filmmakers and creatives to go after their dreams and complete their projects without fear or lack of resources.


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