BlackNLA was out & about on a Wednesday Night, where we checked out 3 different spots – RNB Live, MyStudio, and The Room.


1st stop- RNB Live (on Ventura in Studio City): Entertaining a nice over 30 crowd, the venue was set up for seating to watch a live performance that started around 11pm.  We didn’t really see a space for dancing, but we’re sure that people make their own space to dance as the night went on. With a pretty good menu, you can enjoy an evening out with food and a live show (think date night)… but get there early to get the best open tables – a good number are reserved for bottle service.


2nd stop- MyStudio (on Hollywood).  This was an under 30, mixed audience and the dress code was very casual.  This venue seems to be set up strictly for bottle service, but had cool décor.   At 11:30pm the crowd was still a little light, but we were told that if we came after 12:30am, it would be packed wall to wall with people.


The last and best stop of the night was The Room (on Cahuenga).  The place is tiny…but fun!  We ran into so many people, we almost thought it was a BlackNLA event.  The crowd was cool, relaxed and ready to have fun. The DJ provided a great mix of music and, while there wasn’t a lot of space to dance, people still made it happen.  We know going forward that if we’re trying to get out on a Wednesday, this will be first choice.


For those that don’t get out mid-week, make sure you check us out this Friday at Mansion Hollywood… and if you have a birthday, hit us up about the BlackNLA special (Free bottle of champagne and table for birthday parties).


Let us know if you found this helpful or if you agree/disagree with our review.  Next time, we’ll take pics so you can see what you’re missing!


Until next time…