— Founder Steven Burton combines knowledge, demand and excellent service to create quick success. —

Steven Burton, Owner, Perfect Tux

Los Angeles, CA — “Quality Above Anything Else” is the motto behind the e-commerce site, Perfect Tux, which launched in March of 2016 and was founded by Steven Burton, a long time e-commerce veteran with over ten years of formal wear industry experience. Perfect Tux throws out the traditional tux rental model in favor of reasonably priced, unique and trend friendly items for purchase. Perfect Tux is on track to hit $300,000 in revenue by the end of the month and continues to show explosive growth; all in under a year.

Technology is forever changing the way we shop with e-commerce growing rapidly year after year. When you think of fashion, women’s clothing, in its many forms, is typically what comes to mind. However, the men’s fashion market is a $402 billion industry with $53.3 billion of that coming from online sales. It was within this market that Burton continued to see an increasing need for a high-quality, but reasonably priced formal wear website.

Having started his first e-commerce business at 18, Burton, knew there was a niche opportunity to provide the growing men’s market with a bespoke style formal wear website. But simply recognizing the need for something is only half the battle; being able to implement it, and implement it well is paramount. And that is where Burton’s motto kicks in. “You know that tried and true quote, ‘Treat others as you want to be treated?’ Well, we apply that simple and effective advice at Perfect Tux. We believe every customer we interact with is our most important customer, and we can’t let them down!” says Burton. For him service and quality are the most important roads to success.

The average cost of a groom’s wedding tuxedo is between $150 to $242; while some designer fashion tuxedos can cost nearly $400 to $500, just to rent. Not to mention that numerous competitors have been selling the same items for 10+ years. Perfect Tux on the other hand sells tuxedos for as low as $149.99 and can quickly and easily add in new trends. For example over the past year, colored tuxedos such as Midnight Blue, Red, Burgundy, and Navy Blue have done well; in addition to exotic patterns. There is also a move toward men choosing suits over tuxedos for weddings, another trend Perfect Tux is on top of.

“Do men really want to wear something that has been worn by dozens of others and washed repeatedly on the biggest day of their lives? I feel they would rather hold on to that important garment the same way women are able to keep their wedding dresses,” adds Burton.

Perfect Tux has a wide range of items from full tuxedos for men and boys to menswear for women. The quality of the products, the excellence of service and the ease of returns makes Perfect Tux a leader in the market ahead of the well-established warehouse stores who are seeing their customer base leave for smaller companies like Burton’s. In their first year of business, Perfect Tux has filled over 2,000 orders for a wide-range of customers; from movie studios and TV shows to Broadway plays, and catering companies, they provide quality options for any occasion.

Though his goal is to create a successful business, the 32 year-old founder, aims to give back to his community as well. His mission is to educate minority youth on the importance of being well dressed, owning a business, and building wealth. “I want to be the type of entrepreneur that creates multiple businesses. It’s about thinking long term, building assets and creating positive cashflow,” says Burton. He has experienced success in other arenas as well, having earned a Gold Record as a song-writer. He also created a licensing company that provided music for TV and movies on networks such as FX, BET, Lifetime, Hallmark, Disney, Pixl HD, and more.


About Perfect Tux:
Details. Quality. Exceptional Service. Those are the three things they pride ourselves on at Perfect Tux. Perfect Tux is a family owned and operated business. They have over twenty years of combined experience in the men’s clothing and formal wear industry. Their goal is to provide exceptional service, offering high quality formal wear and accessories at a competitive price. Perfect Tux is based out of Southern California (Santa Clarita, CA) and they have many relationship with vendors and suppliers all over the US.

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