A Letter From…

Cherice R. Calhoun
Founder, Publisher



When I started Black In Los Angeles (BlackNLA) in March of 2000, I did so to fulfill a personal need…the ability to find at “the drop of a hat” a African American physician, lawyer, black organization, or events that would be of interest to me and my friends. I found a lot of sites out there, but they were always a hit and miss. Some would have businesses, some would have events but I didn’t want to have to remember 20 different web addresses, I wanted the information and I wanted to be able to get to it in a relatively easy manner. The Los Angeles area has a large black population but we tend to be scattered and divided by city and county lines, so with the start of a new millennium and its advancing technology now is the time to bring this community together.

So…Welcome to BlackNLA.com a web site where blacks living, working and visiting the Los Angeles metropolitan area can get information that pertains to their interests and lifestyles. A place to share information, resources, advertise and to network. BlackNLA will provide you with information on businesses, restaurants, local organizations, music and upcoming events.

BlackNLA is continually evolving as we improve our look as well as respond to the concerns and requests of the community. We look forward to expanding our efforts and in the future providing you with the following: Parents and Kids section, Senior living, Who’s Who in Los Angeles, Visitor Information and a expanded LA Community page.

Unlike many sites where decisions may be made in the boardroom, comments by users are welcome and invited. Many of the best recommendations have come from our web site visitors.

Take your time look around and let us know what you think.

Thank you for your time and support,

Cherice Calhoun