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Contact: Bunnie Jackson-Ransom
First Class, Inc.

Anderson Communications Provides Program Focused on Vital Health Issues Affecting the African-American Community.

Health Information Network's Journey to Wellness is Heard on Radio and Published in Newspapers throughout the Nation

Atlanta, GA . - Anderson Communications, the oldest African American owned marketing services company in the business, has created the Health Information Network - a multi-faceted, multi-media information program designed to promote awareness and effect positive change in vital health care areas of particular importance to the African-American community. Initial sponsorship of the program is being provided by a number of brands of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies.

Some of the tactical elements of the Health Information Network include a Journey to Wellness daily radio health feature that is airing on Black radio stations across the country, weekly segments on three of Anderson Communications' nationally syndicated radio programs, and a Journey to Wellness newspaper column currently being published in seventy-five NNPA African American Newspapers throughout the nation. Other features of the Health Information Network include a monthly NPR talk show and the web site. Featuring Dr. Mary S. Harris, Journey to Wellness provides information that focuses on particular health care concerns of African-Americans. The journey began in June (2004) and is well into the second quarter of execution. The editorial content of Journey to Wellness has addressed many categories of disease where African-Americans have excessively high indexes such as Prostate Cancer, Diabetes and Hypertension, Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Skin Care, Elder Care, Heart Disease, Infants Deaths, Sickle Cell Anemia, Breast Cancer, Dental Hygiene, Constipation, Prescription Drugs, and Healthy Babies, to name a few.

Future strategies within the Health Information Network will likely include television, animated cartoons featuring the spokesperson for the campaign -- "The Wells Family," Church-based marketing outreach, magazine columns, additional internet tactics and event marketing. Also envisioned is a philanthropic component that will provide small grants to grassroots health organizations. Anderson Communications will continue to establish additional partnerships with non-governmental organizations that are working to make a difference in African American communities.

Anderson Communications (#9 on the Black Enterprise list of Black-owned advertising & marketing firms) conceived and developed the Health Information Network. Al Anderson, Chairman & Founder of Anderson Communications adds, "Our goal is to dispel the myths and misinformation in our community about health and set the record straight on sickness and disease - not by citing statistics, but by providing information that will help African Americans improve the quality of their lives and increase their longevity."

Anderson Communications is a national marketing and advertising firm that specializes in brand building and creating innovative, integrated marketing programs that target the African-American market. The firm, now in its 33rd year, is one of the premier African American-owned and operated firms of its kind in the country and has distinguished itself as the only independently owned "go to market" firm focused solely on African-American audiences.

"We build our client's brands with strategies, processes and measurements that ensure results," says Virgil Scott, President and CEO of Anderson Communications. Anderson Communications has developed highly successful national and "grassroots" strategies and signature programs for numerous Fortune 100 companies.

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