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BlackNLA's Health Center

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Health Information Network promotes health care awareness in the African American community

Journey to Wellness Articles:

African-American Men Sought for Prostate Cancer Study 

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Consumer: health news

Specializing in treating children under age 18 with burns scars, orthopedic conditions, and limb deficiencies to improve their qulity of life, regardless of ability to pay - FREE OF CHARGE Click Here


Consumer Resources

California Council for the Blind
(800) 221-6359

California Department of Rehabilitation
(213) 965-8802

Los Angeles Free Clinic
(213) 653-1990

Mental Health Association
(323) 269-9340

Poison Control Center
(213) 222-3212 or (800) 777-6476

Rape Hotline
(213) 626-3393

Substance Abuse Hotline
(800) 262-2463

Suicide Prevention Center
(213) 381-5111

U.S. Department of Health & Fitness Services
(800) 336-4797

Watts Health Center
(323) 357-6500










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