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Are You Ready to JUMP START Your Business, Product, Service or Virtual Event?

These days YOUR potential clients/customers have access to some sort of electronic device everywhere they go… Be it a Desktop Computer, Laptop or a PDA/Smart Phone, Tablet, we can put YOU and YOUR BUSINESS out in front of them TODAY!

Be it a product, service, restaurant, event or campaign… INTERNET MARKETING has been proven in case studies to be the second most effective and least expensive marketing strategy available behind word of mouth!

BlackNLA has been offering our MARKETING SERVICES since 2005! Our marketing services can reach thousands of potential new Clients and/or Customers FOR YOU!

Advertising Options overview:

E-mail Solo/Newsletter
  • Solo E-blast to 17k+ subscribers = $600 per e-blast
  • Solo E-blast to 5k+ subscribers = $250 per e-blast
  • Newsletter (250 x 250 Image + Text) = $150 per ad
Banner Ads on BlackNLA (300 x 300) – (Posting for a maximum of 30 days)
  • Calendar Page = $400 per month
  • Business Page = $250 per month
  • Right Side Navigation Home & Lifestyle Pages (300 x 300) = $600 per month
  • Featured Event Navigation Bar = $300 per month
  • Featured Home Page = $500 per month
Social Media
  • Facebook Posting = $75 per week (1-2 posts)
  • Twitter Posting = $75 per week (10-15 tweets)
  • Instagram Posting = $75 (per post)

Event Calendar Postings
Posting are free, click here to add your event at no cost.

Other Services Provided:

  • Diversity Marketing Programs
  • Event Production and Management
  • Fundraising
  • Database/Client Management
  • Survey Services
  • Job Listings and Marketing

Demographics and subscriber details:

E-mail Subscribers

  • 17k+ Total Subscribers
  • 60% Female 40% Male
  • 86% 21-45 years old
  • 69% College educated
  • 46% Homeowners

Social Media

  • 21k+ Facebook
  • 14k+ Twitter
  • 11k+ Instagram

Advertising Specs:

Solo – E-blast
700 x 700 pixels (square image – Min 500 x 500 pixels)
150 Words of copy
Where or who to contact: Link to more information and/or e-mail and/or phone number
35 Character or less subject line

250 x 250 pixel
350 Characters of copy
Link to more information

Social Media
Up to 3 square image(s) at least 450 x 450 or larger
3 -5 Short description of service and/or event
Account(s) you want to tag


Standard Terms and Conditions for Advertising

  • All ads subject to approval. We reserve the right to refuse ad placement
  • Terms of Payment: Payment due prior to distribution unless otherwise noted
  • Cancellations: 5 day written notice before ad is approved and/or distributed. No refunds or cancellation once ads are approved
  • Ad Submission: Creative will be submitted at least three (3) business days for pre-roll or at least three (3) business days for banners prior to the Campaign start date. Your Online Entertainment & Lifestyle Resource

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