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Target African Americans Living and Working In The Los Angeles Area is the premiere web site for professional African Americans living, working or visiting the Los Angeles area. is a community resource that provides information for both personal and professional needs. Visitors come to our site for information such as listings of black organizations, black businesses, restaurants, travel, events and other information.

BlackNLA Website Audience Composition

Web Audience

1.4 Million Hits per month

E-mail Subscribers

By Age:
21 - 28 = 20%
29 - 34 = 30%
35 - 40 = 22%
41 - 46 = 11%
47 - 55 = 12%
Over 55 = 5%

83% - 21-46 years old
60% - Female
40 % - Male
63% earned 4-year college
degree or higher
E-mail Usage:
32% - access from home
65% - access from work


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