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OneUnited Bank, Black America's Bank, is proud to announce the first savings account designed to offer you the highest FDIC insured rates in the country (5.25% APY*) - while supporting our community.

With UNITY Internet Savings, you can build personal wealth that offers protection for you and your family. From the lessons of Katrina, we appreciate more than ever the need for our families and our community to have our own money.

You can also join us and spread the word about the OneUnited Bank
Save Now Literacy Program. Through savings, we can promote our community’s values to: protect our community from harm, support the achievement of our dreams and aspirations and better ensure that our community is treated fairly.

Open an Account today, at OneUnited Bank, the first Black-owned internet bank and the largest Black-owned bank in America with offices in Los Angeles, Miami and Boston - and online in the comfort of your home, office or hotel. You can also set up an Automatic Savings Plan to save weekly, monthly or every pay period and watch your savings grow over time.

Open An Account - online in 10 minutes! - FDIC insured

Transfer Funds - from your bank account and earn higher rates.

Build Wealth - while giving back to your community.


Kevin Cohee
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Help Make Our Communities Better.


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*The annual rate or interest rate (5.15%) and annual percentage yield (APY) or effective annual yield is effective as of July 13, 2006. $10 minimum balance to open and earn disclosed APY. All rates are subject to change daily. Interest on savings is compounded and credited quarterly. For more information, including how interest is calculated and fees, please review our Online Truth in Savings Disclosures or speak with our Financial Service Representatives. Please call 1-877-One-United or 877-663-8648 for current rate or further detailed information.

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